So, What's Left of The
After 35 Years ?



It might cost you over a thousand dollars just to look at one of these tapes.
Most 2" videotape machines are now being used as boat anchors off
the coasts of third world countries...


BUT WAIT! - The University of Georgia has converted a whole bunch of Now Explosion
tapes to contemporary video standards and has preserved them for the future.
They'll let you watch the video if you make an appointment
and bring a valid driver's license...(really!)

The collection is at the Walter J. Brown Media Archives and
Peabody Awards Collection at UGA in Athens. GA.
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The old Now Explosion producer has something to learn from the UGA Media Archives
where films and tapes are carefully handled, cataloged and stored under controlled conditions


On a recent visit to the Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards
Collection, producer Whitney got a screening of Now Explosion
holdings from Margaret A. Compton,
UGA Media Archivist

UGA located Now Explosion tapes in Florida that had been well cared for,
but here's one that lived for 35 years elsewhere. Often, very
old videos look like they should be sent to a dumpster.
Luckily, this one escaped that fate and
no longer looks like this.
The video looks
pretty good
too !

You can watch Ted Turner's Channel 17 around the world now - but back in 1970
it was just a fuzzy UHF station. Turner put The Now Explosion
on Channel 17 and later WTCG became the worldwide


Well, there's one thing you can say about the Now Explosion:
The Programs sure were HEAVY!

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