The Now Explosion went on the air in Atlanta, GA, on March 14, 1970.

The television format celebrated it's 50th anivesary on March 14, 2020.

The Stars of this invention were energetic and talented amateur performers and ballet students who danced spontaneously in a sea of 1970's special effects invented by young producers in Atlanta, Dallas, Memphis Kansas City, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Philadelphia.

The program was also seen in other cities including New York, Washington, DC, Boston, St. Louis, Charlotte, San Francisco and Sacramento in 1970.

Like MTV 10 years later, the show was programmed to stay on the air for many hours at a time.

In Atlanta, The Now Explosion was on the air 28 hours each weekend. Production of music videos was often done after midnight at channel 36 where many Atlanta residents performedin synch with top forty songs. Some music videos were shot on film in Atlanta and suburbs.

After thirteen weeks at Channel 36, the Now Explosion was picked up by Ted Turner, and was seen on his Atlanta and Charlotte TV Stations for an additional 13 weeks

Later, when the program was syndicated nationally, the videos made in Atlanta were seen across the country in cities such as San Francisco, CA, Washington DC, Sacramento, CA and Boston. In New York City, it ran for hours with high ratings before and after Yankee baseball games.

After thirteen weeks at Channel 36, the Now Explosion was picked up by Ted Turner, and was seen on his Atlanta and Charlotte TV Stations for an additional 13 weeks

Here's where it all began

March 14, 1970 on WATL-TV, Atlanta

Produced in this Building
1810 Briarcliff Road

Above Founding Elf Bob Whitney and
Financier Joe Field outside
Now Explosion headquarters
on the program's first day,
March 14, 1970

It was unique marathon TV
The show featured locally produced music videos
for hours on end just like top forty
radio - ten years before MTV
Were you around then?
Do you remember?



Dallas dancer Rebecca Miller
interprets Rolling Stones hit
Paint It Black

Now Explosion creator Bob Whitney
and WFAA-TV Director Jim Rowley
start a two day recording session

Studio Photos at WFAA-TV, Dallas

Ideas for popular music TV were tried out over
two years in New York, Memphis, Kansas City,
Philadelphia and Dallas 10 years before MTV.


<-- Watching playback of dancer Jeannie
......Wilson's rendition of Rolling Stones hit
................Honkey Tonk Woman


Video from 3 cameras on dancer and multi-lens prism
Background is chroma-key of combined sources

The Pilot for The Now Explosion was produced
October 18-19-20 1969 at WFAA-TV in Dallas

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More early pictures from
The Now Explosion salute
some early stars:
The Jean Williams Dancers
from Philadelphia

See more snapshots taken inside
our Atlanta studios as the historic program began


The unusual special effects were made possible
by the Grass Valley video switcher introduced in 1969.
For the first time, video could be switched, faded and blended
rapidly and "played" in real time to the beat ofTop Forty music.
Although never intended by the manufacturer, producers literally
played the switcher like a musical instrument creating
dazzling visual effects never before seen on TV.

Director Jim Rowley "switches"
our first videotape session

See Credits for People
we know took part in
The Now Explosion
and tell us who we are missing

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Below are a some images from the Now Explosion Pilot in 1968-70 at the following facilities:
WFAA-TV, Dallas, TX, WHBQ-TV, Memphis, TN, WKBS-TV, Philadelphia, PA KMBC-TV, Kansas City, MO,
and from 16 mm film shot in Philadelphia, Dallas and Atlantic City (shoreline). New Jersey

How it all began
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The Now Explosion was Remembered By
The Atlanta Journal Constitution


Below is an excerpt from letter by Now Explosion producer Bob Whitney to Atlanta Journal-Constitution Radio TV Reporter, Miriam Longino, November 4, 2000 about The Now Explosion TV show produced in Atlanta in 1970. This letter followed an AJC feature article by Ms. Longino, August 3, 2000. Later the AJC published a followup article about a March 2001 reunion in Atlanta where some Now Explosion survivors celebrated and produced an archival video.

(Excerpt).....Atlanta energy and creativity did indeed launch the music video genre a full decade before MTV. The special effects that were the program's hallmark were not always easy to come by and continual invention was basic to the program's popularity.

Special effects previously unknown in video production were invented. The moving image of an individual dancer (below on the right) was created by running expensive two inch videotape that had just been recorded onto the control room floor. We - guided the moving tape - while still being recorded - across the room to be played back on a second machine seconds later. The image from the second machine was then combined ("keyed") with new images from the first machine. One camera, one dancer! Click the Image to see the video.

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website articles


Unusual Special Effects
were the hallmark of
The Now Explosion

Strangely redundant effect - never before seen - seemed to create many dancers out of one in an eerie montage which made the dancers seem to grow new bodies while they danced to top forty hits. Such things are simple today with digital video equipment but were off-the-wall inventions in 1970. (Or would it be off-the-floor inventions.) You can imagine what the traditional channel 36 employees thought when they saw videotape running along their less than spotless floor from machine to machine.

Nowadays - you can do all of this stuff on your Laptop computer.
But in 1970 we needed 3 of these monster videotape machines
to do simple video editing.
Three mashines? Close to a million dollars!
Just the tapes alone, about $300 per hour.
(No wonder we went belly-up!)

We had to keep erasing tapes - to make new tapes!

We had thought they were all erased and lost forever!!

But After more than three decades a few old tapes were discovered in
a south Florida a University interested
in rescuing cultural artifacts.
We were the artifacts and the
University of Georgia found us somehow...


Original Video of The Now Explosion produced in Atlanta, GA, in 1970, has been recovered by
video archivists at the University of Georgia. Program segments stored in south
Florida for 3 1/2 decades have been remastered by the archive to
contemporary technical standards and digital media.
It's a bit of a miracle - but now - we've
actually got some of
that video!

At DC Video in Burbank, CA, CEO David Crosthwait (right) and
Chief Remastering Engineer Craig Asato restore and
remaster The Now Explosion from original
quad videotape to Digital Media
for UGA Archives.

You may contact:
The Walter J. Brown Media Archives
and Peabody Awards Collection

University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Hear a Radio Interview on WUAG-FM
Greensboro, NC,

with Now Explosion creator Bob Whitney
And Program Host of The time Machine, Jarrell Mason




Below are some members of the original Now Explosion crew at
WATL Atlanta - TV (CH 36) in March, 1970

Top row (l to r) Director Steve Rash, Producer Bob Whitney,
Financial Partner Joseph M. Field, founder of Entercom.
Bottom row Video DeeJay Bob Todd (Thurgaland),
Dancer/production assistant Maggie Spadafora,
and Video DeeJay Skinny Bobby Harper.

First Staff Meeting

New staff gets ready for first full weekend of The Now Explosion
on WATL-TV in Atlanta, March 14, 1970. Shown in front are Atlanta
Director Steve Rash, Associate Director Maggie Spadafora (later to
become Mrs. Steve Rash), Now Explosion Creator-Producer
Bob Whitney and Administrative Associate Debra Miller.
In the rear are the world's first tele-jockies (we called 'em VeeJays)
Skinny Bobby Harper and Bob Todd (Thurgaland.) (See below.)
John Prager, Editing Manager, is on the right.

The Now Explosion ran every hour, all weekend
and these VeeJays were worn to a frazzel for sure!


Skinny Bobby Harper and Bob Todd - on the air - 1970
In 1970, Harper made a video and talked about
The Now Explosion.

Go to YouTube to watch the Bob Harper Interview

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Now Explosion Production begins
in Atlanta, March, 1970

Cinematographer John Butterworth and Telejockey
Bob Todd arrive in Atlanta to start production
of The Now Explosion

The Now Explosion spent 13 weeks at Channel 36 in Atlanta.
The VeeJays were not seen on the video, but worked
from a control room adjacent
to the main studio.

With Bob Todd is his wife, Jodie.
Director Steve Rash is
in the foregound.
Photo courtesy Bob Todd

Atlanta Director Steve Rash (seated) and
Creator Bob Whitney during a Now Explosion
session in Atlanta, April,1970.
Photo courtesy Genii Leary, N E Executive Producer


Now Explosion TeleJockey, Bob Todd

"It was a radio show, really. Except you knew the audience was
watching something...instead of just listening,.. ofcourse, you
had something to say about what everybody was looking at as
well something about the artist, or the lyrics and the music.
We kind of had to get used to doing a
top forty show with pictures."

"Eventually - when I cut my hair and went back to just plain radio - well -
something was missing, you know what I mean?"

Bob Todd 1970 and Bob Todd today !

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After 13 weeks The Now Explosion moved
to Ted Turner's Channel 17 in Atlanta.
Turner Director R.T. Williams became it's new director
and the production operation was moved to
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Click here for a memory from
Ted Turner's Director of Broadcasting, Al Smith
back in
good old 1970

,Al Smith

The Now Explosion was one of the first business ventures
of the foremost radio broadcast company, Entercom.

Entercom Founder, Joseph M. Field
backed Robert V. Whitney
Productions, Inc. in this
unusual youth market

Joe Field, Entercom Founder

The second 13 week flight of The Now Explosion
got underway in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Now Explosion creator Bob Whitney dreaming up special effects at
Videotape Associates in Ft. Lauderdale. Whitney also
doubled as Veejay as Stocky Bobby Woodstock.

Also added as featured VeeJay was South Florida radio Legend
Rick Shaw - one of the first Top forty radio jocks at
WQAM in Miami in the late Fifties. Rick was
still on the radio playing those very
same songs at Majik 102.9
in Miami until 2007.

National syndication began. First subscribing station was WPIX-TV, New York.

Stations followed quickly in Washington, San Francisco and Sacramento.
Program tapes were assembled at VideoTape Associates in
Ft. Lauderdale from video and film shot at
Miami Teleproductions in Miami and
were duplicated at Turner's
Channel 17 in

In 2001
AJC reporter Miriam Longino, former Video DeeJays Skinny Bobby Harper
& Bob Todd (Thurgaland), and Now Explosion creator/producer Bob Whitney made an
archival video and remembered the great days of the Now Explosion!

Miriam Pace Longino

Bob Todd (Thurgaland)

Skinny Bobby Harper

Bob Whitney

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Miriam Longino, radio-tv reporter for the Atlanta Journal constitution in 2001,
researched the background and history of The Now Explosion and wrote two
feature articles on the historic TV show. In a 9 minute interview, she
recounts her efforts and experience in telling this story
Click here to listen to Miriam's story (9:00 min)

Skinny Bobby Harper and Bob Todd (above) were the world's first two VeeJays
(video disc jockeys). In an interview on March 27, 2001, Bob Harper
recorded his memories of The Now Explosion back in 1970.
Bob Harper passed away on July 22, 2003.
Click here to listen to Skinny Bobby's story (7:30 min)

Bob Todd had a few remarks about the Now Explosion on OurRadioShow which
originated at KTK in Ocala, Florida, several years ago. Whitney was a guest on the show.

Bob Whitney ---------------------Bob Todd

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